“In June 2020, the Environmental Justice Foundation, an international organization working on human rights violations and illegal fishing, presented a report revealing abuses on Korean vessels. Crew members of three vessels that operate in the South Atlantic stated that they fished illegally in the Argentine Sea on numerous occasions. And one of them also declared that his boat harpooned and illegally captured elephants and sea lions in the same sea.”He comments.

“Another crew member pointed out that certain organs are removed from elephants and sea lions and then exported to the Asian market. One of these vessels is the Oyang 77, captured by the Argentine Prefecture in 2019 doing illegal fishing, “he adds.

According to Schvartzman, the crew said that “the extracted organs were hidden in the engine rooms instead of being placed in the hold, so their existence could not be verified if an on-board inspection occurred.”

The expert mentioned the Uruguayan port of Montevideo as a key dock for the Oyang 77 in this part of the world.

The interviewee comments that, among the statements collected by the Environmental Justice Foundation , the case of crew members who stated that, “in the span of one year, they hunted more than 200 elephants and sealions within the Argentine Sea, beyond our legislation establishes the protection of these species ”.

Depredación total: además de saquear el calamar, pesqueros chinos y coreanos cazan elefantes y lobos marinos en aguas argentinas