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For #FlyWithoutFins we are focusing one by one on airlines who carry the most shark fin in their cargo, and the next airline we are targeting is @royalairmaroc . They are an airline which transports high quantities of shark fin.

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Since the 1930's, sharks have been targeted and killed by government-run shark culling programs to "protect" beaches in Australia. These are ineffective at protecting swimmers and kill not only sharks but other bycatch as well. #NetsOutNow calls for lethal drumlines and shark nets to be replaced with non-lethal methods urgently.

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Costa Rica is home to dozens of shark species, many of which are in serious danger of being overfished to extinction. Take action and sign the petition to stop the killing of endangered sharks in Costa Rica ??

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Since the three mile limit in Scotland ??????? was removed in 1984, fish stocks have plummeted.
Dredging and bottom-trawling is allowed in 90% of Scotland's coastal areas which is a danger to marine life including the flapper skate (shark extended family).
#inshorelimit #OurSeas

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Basking sharks are the second largest fish in the ocean! It is estimated that only 10,000 individuals remain in the wild. Sign the petition calling for legal protection for them in Ireland.